6 Crazy Places You Should Touch Your Man While Kissing

Kissing is terribly fun but there are more secrets on how to really enjoy your kissing with your partner. Kissing is also the first step we take when it comes to foreplay and you need to be a master of it.

You might probably be already trying these tips and it could be working, but try to finish the entire content for new ideas. Here are some places to touch your man while kissing him;

1. Touch his neck

The neck should be the first place to touch because it is the best erogenous zone due to the many nerves. If you’re the confident type, there are several ways to stimulate the area, you can put your hand on his neck while kissing and pull him closer to deepen things.

2. Touch his ears
It sounds weird, but the ears is one of the erogenous zones and you can turn your man on from there too. While kissing you can move your hands to his ears and rub gently with your thumb. Aside from using your hands, you can make use of your lip to the area where his ear merges with the neck.

3. Touch his hair

While kissing your partner, you should run your hands through their hair to make them feel super sensual. Although it is something men do to women, guys love it too.

4. Touch his face
There is nothing s3xier than when your man touches your face while kissing you. Guys also want the same feeling, so touch their face when you’re kissing them too.

5. Touch his chest

When kissing your partner, you should make sure to touch his chest. Even if he has a shirt on, go ahead and give him a rub.

6. Touch his inner thighs
While you’re kissing your man make sure to touch his inner thigs. Touching there is one of the quicker ways of teasing and arousing him.

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