Asian Doll Facts Dreezy Mp3 Download 

Asian Doll Facts Dreezy Mp3 Download – It’s October 17th, and in honor of her new record deal with Gucci Mane’s label, Asian Doll dropped off her new So Icy Princess album for the masses. While there’s plenty to like, one of the album’s highlight arises in the late-game stages, when Asian Doll and Dreezy link up on “Facts.”Taking to a wandering, synth-heavy instrumental, both parties lay their cards on the table. No fictitious meandering required; both rappers are here for facts, though not of the “alternative” variety. As a result, the confidence of this one leaps from the speakers.

Perhaps it’s the presence of a capable competitor spurring her own, but Asian Doll makes sure to keep the A-game sharp, bringing forth a double-time flow. Dreezy sets things off, proving that she possesses one of the sharpest tongues in the game; the way she navigates the pulsating bassline speaks to a technically gifted mind. Asian Doll closes proceedings with a clothesline to the throat, and should you be interested in what 1017’s first lady has to offer,

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