“Why I can’t be with one Woman”- Don Jazzy

"Why I can't be with one Woman"- Don Jazzy

Nigerian Music Producer, Don Jazzy has revealed why he doesn’t think he can be with just one woman.

It’s no secret that the Music Producer has been an eligible bachelor for the longest and recently Don Jazzy explained why.

Though there have been rumours linking him with a couple of females in the past, never did any of these “links” become official.

The reason for this protracted singleness and perceived lack of concern for companionship has been a question on the minds of so many.

In a recent interview on The Nancy Isime Show, the Mavin Label Boss revealed he could not be with just one person, as he felt he lacked the strength to handle it.

"Why I can't be with one Woman"- Don Jazzy

He is quoted as saying:

I don’t believe i am strong enough to be with one person. So I think people will run away from me being truthful. I will not be dating you and tell you you’re the only person.

Some people have the strength to, you know, once they are attracted to somebody, the thing that used to make you attracted to other people will turn off. I hail you people, but for me you’re a beautiful lady, it doesn’t stop me from admiring the madam that’s over there, she is still beautiful….

Watch his video below;

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