Cardi B Narrates Story Of How She Skipped Her Period In order To have Sex With Offset For The First Time

Offset and Cardi B’s matrimony isn’t anonymous to anyone and also the fact that they have a baby, Kulture.

However, one thing is hidden to a lot of their lovers and fans of music in general, and that is how they met before falling in love. But not to worry as Cardi B has explained all that in an interview she had recently.

A new TV series just kick-started; Angie Martinez’s WeTV series; Untold Stories of Hip Hop and the first episode had Cardi B on. She revealed on the series how she met Offset and how she skipped her period deliberately to have sex with him for the first time. Cardi revealed Offset had chased her for a while but never gave him any attention because she had decided against any romantic relationship with rappers because she felt they are people who play around in relationships and are never serious with their women.

However, after declining several requests to see Offset or give him her number, they both ran into each other at a gathering in New York. Cardi realized her bracelet had gone missing while she was in the bathroom and immediately dashed to the bar to retrieve it. However on getting there, shockingly to her, Offset was seated wearing it. Cardi then returned to her table without leading Offset on too much, but he approached her again. She finally gave him her phone number and after a few interactions, she started to fall for him.

Now getting to this point, it became a story that had turn its head as Cardi revealed she was the one who was now in love with Offset.  She revealed he was at that time a rapper who was seriously on the rise, had busy schedules with could have led to him losing interest in here, so in order to avoid that, she had to be act desperate. She revealed she had to make a plan, and the plan was to take the relationship to the next level when they meet. Just because it is believed sex takes a relationship to a whole new level, she had to make sure they made love. However, she revealed on the day they were to meet, her period was to come, but she had to forcefully skip the period. She said she used to ibuprofen and unflavoured gelatin to help her course.


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