Oceans and seas are always mesmerizing and beautiful to see. They give a relief to our eyes with their massive sizes and beautiful sparkling clear waters. But at the same time, they also give us an example of the nature’s strength and make us realize that man cannot be stronger than nature.

Oceans are so deep that they can swallow any man-made structure easily.

Have you ever wondered how deep would the oceans and the seas of the world would be? Have a look at the list.

10. Black Sea

The Black sea is on the 10 number in the list of deepest oceans and seas in the world with depth measuring 1,190 meters.

This sea covers an area of 436,400 square kilometers after excluding the Sea of Azov. The Black sea also has the largest meromctic basin in the world.

This particular basin is where the deep waters and the upper waters do not mix, which form the dark and deep color. The Black Sea looks dark and deep which matches its actual depth.

9. South China Sea

The South China Sea has an average depth of 1.463 meters and this sea is a part of the Pacific Ocean, with an area spanning over 3,500,000 square kilometers.

There are over 200 islands and reefs in this sea and they are known as Spratly Islands which cover an area of around 00 kilometers.

The largest island of this group covers a distance of over 1.3 km in length. This sea also houses the Reed Tablemount, which is the largest seamount in the world.

8. Bering Sea

The Bering Sea has an average depth of 1,491 meters and this deep sea houses the world’s largest submarine names as ‘Zhemchug Canyon’.

This sea is a home to some of the most exotic wildlife and marine species like the sea Walrus, Sea lion and also the polar bear.

This sea has North Pacific right Whale, Sea Whale and also the rare Humpback Whale and the Blue Whale.

7. Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has an average depth of around 1,501 meters and the deepest point in this water body is known as the ‘Calypso Deep’ which has a depth of 5,627 meters. Easily recognizable by its dark deep blue colored waters, the Mediterranean Sea is a home to a lot of exotic fish and corals.

This sea makes its place between the two big continents of Africa and Europe due to which it has this name. The beaches of this sea are very famous among tourists all over the world.

6. Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is around 1,614 meters and is also the ninth largest water body in the world.

The deepest point in the Gulf of Mexico is the ‘Sigsbee Deep’, which is 4,384 meter deep.

The seven areas which are prominently deep in the Gulf of Mexico Basin, South Florida Continental Shelf and Slope, Northeast Gulf of Mexico, Western Gulf of Mexico, Campeche Bank, Northwest Gulf of Mexico and the Bay of Campeche.


5. Sea of Japan

The Sea of Japan

The Sea of Japan has an average depth of 1,666 meters and is very similar to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Sea of Japan is connected to other seas by the Strait of Tartary, Tsugaru Strait, Kanmon Straits, La Perouse Strait and Korean Strait.

This sea is very calm and does not experience a lot of differences in the underwater terrain and hence, the depth of this sea is constant and very less disturbed.

This deep blue sea looks very pleasing when you look at it from flights or even while standing on the beach.

4. Caribbean Sea

The beautifully blue Caribbean Sea has a average depth of 2,575 meters and is a sea in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of the largest salt water seas in the world which spans over an area mapping 2,754,000 square kilometers.

The deepest point in the Caribbean Sea is the Cavman Trough which is 7,686 meters deep. The Hispaniola trench and the Puerto Rico Trench of the Caribbean Sea are very famous.

This deep sea houses some of the most exotic and rare marine life species of the world.

3. Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean, which grabs the third position in the list of deepest oceans, goes 3.575 meters deep. It is also the second largest with respect to oceanic division which has an area measuring 106,400,000 square kilometers.

The deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean is the ‘Puerto Rico Trench’, which is 8,605 meters deep.
The Atlantic Ocean is the next youngest ocean after Indian Ocean compared to other major oceans of the planet.

The Atlantic sea is known to have a lot of obstacles, especially icebergs and even the grand and royal ship ‘Titanic’ sank in the Atlantic.


2. Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the second deepest ocean in the world with an average depth of 3,840 meters and the volume of this massive water body is 292,131,000 cubic kilometers. It is also the warmest ocean in the world and despite of being the second deepest ocean, it is the youngest formed ocean among all the other major oceans in the world.

The ocean is abundant with wide range of marine species and famous for its beautiful and different shades of blue waters especially when seen with an aerial view.

1. Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean ranks number one when it comes to the deepest oceans in the world. It has an average depth of 3,939 meters with the World ocean division area of 169.2 million square kilometers.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest area of the Pacific Ocean which is about 10,911 meters deep in the Blue Sea. Pacific Ocean also has the most number of seamounts, which are mountain chains submerged under the Sea.

The famous seamount known as ‘Ring of Fire’ formed after a volcanic eruption is also submerged under this deep Ocean.


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