DOWNLOAD ALBUM: M.I Abaga – Yxng Dxnzl (A Study On Self Worth)

M.I Abaga kept to his promise by releasing his highly anticipated album “A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl.”

The album which houses 10 tracks is his fifth, and the second body of work he is putting out this year after his widely accepted project released earlier in the year titled “Rendezvous“.

“A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl” houses one of his most controversial singles “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives” which became a social media discuss and got his industry colleagues to react by churning out covers.


1. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – Do You Know Who You Are? Take Some Time and Mediate On You

2. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – Last time had a Dream about a HummingBird

3. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – You Rappers Should Fix up Your Life

4. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – Stop never second guess yourself

5. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – Another thing! Do not be a groupie

6. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – You are like Melody, My Heats Skips a beat

7. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – +- ft. Odunsi The Engine 

8. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – I believe in Me, You Should too, Believe In You

9. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – The Elevation of Yung Dxnzl

10. DOWNLOAD M.I. Abaga – Love Never Fails, but where they are Prophecies Love will Cease to Remain






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