Kendrick Lamar Bad Kid Chill City EP Download

Kendrick Lamar Bad Kid Chill City EP: We serve with a new Kendrick Lamar EP that just surface online. The EP is titled “Bad Kid Chill City”, which comprises of 8 tracks and features from SZA, Jay Rock, Isaiah Rashad, Punch, Busta Rhymes and Michael Jackson.

DOWNLOAD FULL EP: Kendrick Lamar – Bad Kid Chill City (Zip File)

  1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar – Gang Member
  2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar ft SZA, Jay Rock, Isaiah Rashad & Punch – Heroin
  3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar ft Busta Rhymes & Michael Jackson – Look Over Your Shoulders
  4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar ft SZA – Loved Ones
  5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar – Own This City
  6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Extended)
  7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar – The Only N*gga
  8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kendrick Lamar – Want In Life

DOWNLOAD FULL EP: Kendrick Lamar – Bad Kid Chill City (Zip File)

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