Harrysong Prays For Nigerian Youths After Being Threatened For Speaking Out Against Corruption

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has prayed for Nigerian youths after been threatened for calling out President Buhari over corruption in the country.

Harrysong had taken to social media a few days ago to urge Nigerian youths to fight against corruption in the country instead of sharing funny memes on the internet.

He also called on President Buhari to fix the current situation in the country advising him to rearrange and re-strategies.

β€œThis is not funny, NIGERIANS, this is the time to stand and fight. And to the president of this country Nigeria ??, Muhammad Buhari, pls rearrange and re-strategies, were in a deep shit and we re done ?, we Dey vex o, right about now, we Dey vex”

However, it appears his statement did not go too well with some people. The singer via his IG page revealed that he got a threatening call in the morning telling him to face his music. He also lamented about how Nigerians were calling him a clout chaser because of his statement.

β€œTensions are high because of my last post about the evil agendas going on in Nigeria, I also got a call early this morning asking me to shut up and focus on my music business, the Nigerians am fighting for, standing with,are also saying I’m speaking and fighting for clout, Am not scaredβ€¦πŸ˜‘Β but now, I Have to take a stand and make a decision……..am not about to do another right about now giveaway…am about to fight”

He later went on to post a video of him praying for Nigerians Youths asking God to give them understanding and Knowledge. He also prayed against disunity in Nigeria.


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