“Harrysong was somewhere in his village when I started writing my songs…” KCee Responds To Rumour Of Harrysong Writing His Songs


“Harrysong was somewhere in his village when I started writing my songs…” KCee Responds To Rumour Of Harrysong Writing His Songs

Limpopo crooner, KCee of five star records has finally opened up about the rumour that Harrysong,  who recently ended his contract with Five Star records, was writing songs for him… especially with the rumour implying that Harrysong wrote most is not all of KCEE’s songs.

According to Kcee in an interview with Soundcity radio on Wednesday 24th of May; this is not true as he clearly stated that Harrysong was somewhere in his village when he was already singing and releasing hit tracks. He went further to acknowledge Harrysong writing prowess, saying it is a fact that Harrysong has got speed in songwriting as he can write songs in two seconds, but that does not mean artistes like him who take a month or thereabout to write a song should be discredited for their writing skills. He went further to say he had hits before Harrysong, and he’ll have more hits after Harrysong, but also not forgetting to inform us that Harrysong already apologized and they have parted ways with no harsh feelings.

In this interview, KCee also explained what he once said about artistes being hungry for success. On this note, the Emoney boss said artistes should take their time and involve their lawyers at the early stage, not that they’ll sign contracts alone for a number of years they can’t stay and when they realize they want to leave, even without completing their agreed time on the contract papers signed, that’s when they’ll have lawyers and family members that were not seen initially. Now this sounds like he’s talking to someone, but let’s just move on.

Speaking on staying relevant, the singer said as an artiste, you have to create activities around you to make you stay relevant in the industry, and putting up dollar bill on his social media pages are strategic ways for him to stay relevant as he knows people will talk about it. This also goes for his fashion as he revealed that he gets really excited when people talk about it, either negatively or positively.

Finally Kcee revealed that he believes he now has all the recognitions except for his lack of international collaborations and no Grammy to his name yet, other than that, the Limpopo singer and social media billionaire revealed that it is impossible to go around Nigeria and not be recognized.

His new album will be dropping in 2 months.



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