I had to call them to thank them, its only
common courtesy. Its not very usual that stark
strangers will be interested in helping you tidy
up your room. Not [i]girls of nowadays[/i].
Whatever that means though, Lol!
But hold- seriously, I was taken aback. And of
course I instantly developed some respect and
admiration for them. And even though I had just
done them a favor, ‘thank you so much’ kept
falling outta my mouth while I spoke with them.
I called Bukky first.
Then Bimbo.
Bimbo was all chatty. She took time to ask, ask
and ask alotta questions.’ Starting from how did
your day go?’. She heard a song playing in the
back and even asked about it.
I knew Bimbo was going to turn a friend, bcos
we had starting gisting sef, becoming less
formal. The call to Bukky was more or less
formal. But Bimbo and I talked for close to
What I didn’t know was that there had been an
attraction that night.
Fixing them a crash meal: spreading butter on
slices of bread, making tea, mixing warm water
for bath etc in such a manner might naturally
create a soft-spot in a woman’s heart. But more
than that this particular night, it pulled an
Care for a woman, a heart melts.
This is what I had observed that night. They
were fairly decent in dressing. None wore big
earrings nor pierced extra holes on the ear.
None wore anything exposing cleavages nor
thighs. Nor butt crack, nor cameltoe. Well, I’m
sure you know those sorts ladies seeking
attention wear.
Bukky wore jeans and blouse, carried her real
hair bond in a pony tail at the back.
Bimbo wore a skirt and blouse. She made hair.
And had this mild fragrance emanating from
her. It wasn’t pungent, a rather cool fragrance.
Both of them, B-Squared, as I have come to call
them were about same complexion. Smooth
skin. The skin tells a lot.
Oh yes! These ones said they were well taken
care of.
Bimbo’s skin had a luxurious luster to it.
Coupled with her scent that kept caressing my
nose, my brain had simply registered her first
before Bukky. There was something about this
And when I laid down that night to sleep,
Bimbo’s fragrance was on my bed. kept
caressing my nose in the dark. I couldn’t sleep.
The mild fragrance was seeping through the
bedsheet where she had laid. It felt so real as
though she was laying there with me.
Thoughts turned imaginations. Imagination
turned fantasies.
The spider had left me a message on my bed.
One only me could read when it was light-out.
One I could only read when I laid on my bed in
the dark.
The message was “Bimbo wuz ere”. That’s how
it seemed.
I was restless, rolling on the bed. Involuntarily, a
s*x appeal had slipped into my mind quietly like
a sneeking thief!
I thought of the call, her voice, the mannerisms,
her free spirit etc.
No need entertaining such thoughts [i]jare[/i].
My girlfriend’s friend was a no go area. How will
my Angel feel. The one I love so much.
I jolted out of my dreams! I had been sleeping!!
Bimbo’s smell on my bed had laid me in sleep
as I awoke with an erect rod. Myrod was
She had long gone but left her signature.
The first leg on the web.
Next day, Sade told me they were all coming
over to my place on saturday. In fact, they will
be spending the whole day at my place.
Damn! How would I manage this.
Throughout the next day until saturday, anxiety
was all I felt.
Fast and furious the days went by and it was
saturday morning already.
I thought of what they could eat but sounded
kinda awkward that I’d actually start cooking.
Well, if they came and wanted food, Sade know
her way around.
Sade called around 10am that they were about
I just lazied around but around 11:30 same
morning, I decided to just buy stuff like bread,
what to eat it with, cans of drinks etc.
As I came out of the supermarket, I saw three
ladies. Sade was one. Bukky was another. And
Bimbo was the other.
We said the ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s, home was few
about a minute walk.
Rumi was with her friend Bebe. What Sade
doesn’t know is that Rumi is attracted to her
kind only. It was one reason I hesitated at the
idea of Bukky and Bimbo staying over at her’s.
They both greeted.
In the room, Sade gave me a hug. Either to
properly greet as lovers or to make a clear
statement and declare the certificate of
ownership, I wouldn’t know. But something
about it seemed off. I wasn’t necessary, I
We said all the ‘thank you’s again and we all
gradually began relaxing in out company. Still,
Bukky seemed the distant one. Talked less than
the other two.
Sade emptied out the bag of stuff I had bought.
Three loaves, cans of coke, smirnoff ice, bake
beans and a bottle of wine. At the sight Bimbo
asked a rhetorical question
“So you drink?”
No answer. Sade laughed a bit. We all chatted,
Sade sounded very intelligent. She conversed
I asked what fragrance she wore
“Marc Jacobs. Lola” she responded coolly.
“Smells nice” I said.
Actually more than nice. I’d get another piece
from Marc Jacobs for Sade, not Lola again.
Sade was busy preparing the eggs, sardine etc.
In the meanwhile, we drank coke and talked.
She then asked me to play the song she had
heard in the background. She said she liked it.
I just played the entire CD wanting to see if she
really knew the one. It was a dancehall
collection, sean paul and co. Surprising, at track
5 asked if it was it. Actually it was. She had
liked it truly.
What had surprised me is that the song is
dancehall, but a bit more hardcore.
Symbol. Shabba ranks.
Lol, ok so it became a bit like a mini party in my
room. Jay too had come around. I had to go
buy more drinks. Sade, Bukky and Bimbo
wanted more Smirnoff ice and juice. They won’t
drink the wine. Jay didn’t pity the bottle at all.
We ate, drank and danced. Bimbo seemed a
good dancer. But she it looked she was dancing
with caution. I saw beyond it. Bimbo had
elements of what freaks me privately.
At three Jay and I left them. Two hours later we
returned. Sade had already been calling to know
where we went. We were watching EPL.
“We were beginning to bore you shey ?” Bimbo
asked. I laughed and dismissed it. I would have
them around all day all year round.
“Then we’ll be around again. For now, we should
be leaving” Bukky said
“Lies” I said, refusing to look at Sade.
“I go through to Ikotun sometimes. But through
Iyana-Ipaja.” Bimbo chipped in.
Sade didn’t anyway stop nor divert the talks, but
was seething where she was.
Jay is a simple fella. He didn’t attempt to hit on
any of them. All the while, Rumi came in once
and was brief. Leaving almost immediately.
The visit eventually came to an end. They left.
I spoke with Sade when she got home. At
around 11:30pm Bimbo called. I knew it. Most
times you connect with someone, you just know
it. I could read Bimbo had me in her thoughts.
But none of us made it any obvious. At least,
not yet. We talked a bit. According to her, she
had called to thank me for the day. Hmmm…
Then she asked in passing: She’d be going to
Ikotun the next weekend, wii I be home? She
won’t mind to take that song on her phone.
The second leg on the web.
Ok. Wait a minute guys. Let me explain
something at this point.
One of the best ways to know the true place you
stand with your girl is not what family she
comes from, nor what church she goes to, or
what islamic doctrines she adheres to. No. Look
closer to her immediate friends. Same as her
friends treat you as her true self.
If you are madly in love and your lover’s friends
don’t treat you like that, something isn’t right.
Same goes to the ladies. In this case, why is
Bimbo coming straight at me, no holds barred.
Does she even considers Sade finding out? or
for some reason(s) Sade can’t have a say? Why?
Was it possible Bimbo knows something I don’t?
That makes her less concerned about Sade’s
I blinked and it was friday night already. I was
hanging out with two other buddies when a call
came in from no other person, the spider.
This is the second time she has called since last
saturday night. She had called on tuesday night.
We had talked for over 15 minutes. Except with
an interest, no girl calls you for that long. No,
not in Nigeria.
We had talked from watching movies at the
cinema, to music to playing board games etc. I
had scrabble at home.
This night we just kept talking, when I noticed
she was avoiding to remind me tomorrow, I
asked. She simply had called to know what’s up
with tomorrow. So I said
“I hope you’d be in this high spirit when you
come tomorrow?”
She laughed.
“Whatever mood I wake up with rules the day”
Indeed, it was always fun talking with her. We
chatted some more, and dropped.
Saturday. I was napping when a tap on my door
got me up. There she was. Standing there in all
her splendor, casually dressed in a pair of blue
jeans and a brown top. But this time it was
another fragrance emittiing.
“Hi” she smiled with all the charm I could
“Heyyyy! Come on in” trying to balance
excitement of seeing her and not surprised she
had come with calling before she arrived.
She sat and reached straight for music. Wow!
By now she was acting as confident you’d think
we had known forever.
We got talking and laughing loud and oblivious
of anything else. We had had couple of smirnoff
ice when she suddenly asked
“Do you care anything more than smirnoff”
“How hard can you drink?”
“As hard as you can” she was laughing when I
added “Smirnoff Vodka”

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“Woow! No, I’d do anything else harsh. I’m
coming” with that she stepped out.
We had both finished four cans of drinks. I was
connecting the laptop to the [I]deck[/i] and
wondering maybe she’s got money in her jean,
cos she didn’t carry a bag when she arrived.
Just then, she returned.
She unwrapped the bottle to reveal a chilled
bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Damn. That sweet slow killer alcoholic cream at
a meagre 17% slowly messes up your coherent
sense of judgment.
She calls it her best. I drink McDowell’s and
Elliot at over 40% alcohol so didn’t feel
threatened by a 17%. False.
Gradually we started drinking, gisting, but
something was exceptional about Bimbo. She
was a good dancer. As our sense of judgment
drifted afar, we danced closer. Holding each
other to the extent of a lap dance!
We were gradually getting out of touch with our
senses, except one. Instead our sense of touch
became sensitive.
We had even started talking dirty. Then she went
to use the bathroom. When she return, her jeans
was not buttoned. She was already high. I was
high. But at the sight of her lower abdomen, I
swallowed. A hard lump.
My vison was blurring out yet I could see her
curves clearer.
We were dancing to a song she liked so much
and was making her loose control.
Song title: Symbol
Artist: Shabba Ranks
She held me with one hand as she was dancing
and drinking with the other, I reciprocated by
holding her at the waist. Myrod was beginning
to rise. Feeling her hips through her jean looked
like I was only seeing tip of the iceberg. By now,
we were talking less. But something was
beginning. Something viscious.
An awakening.
The jeans she wore wasn’t tight fitting. So much
hadn’t been revealed by sheer sight of her jeans.
I didn’t know of the massive pound of flesh
hidden underneath the jeans until now. I was
finally initiated into the sexciting world of…
s*x and Alcohol.

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