Kim Kardashian opens up about Kanye West’s recent behavior

Kim Kardashian has finally broken her silence on Kanye West’s recent behavior.

Kim Kardashian posted her statement on her Instagram story revealed that Kanye West suffers from Bi-polar disorder and asked for the public to be empathic with them.

According to her, she hasn’t spoken about how it has affected their family because she is protective of her children, and because of Kanye’s right to privacy.

She further revealed that the family is helpless in how to help Kanye as he has to also engage in the process of getting help and that he isn’t a minor so they can’t force him.

Noting that Kanye’s recent actions are causing damage to their reputation but praised Kanye as a brilliant but complicated person who is still grieving from the loss of his mother.

She appealed for the public to give her and the family compassion and empathy so they can get through this.

She, however, did not address the divorce rumors and the allegations that she was in an entanglement od some sorts with Meek Mill in her statement.

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