Ludacris Threatens Fan Who Threw a Drink at Him During a Show


During the middle of one of his performances on Saturday night, which itself was occurring during the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, Ludacris got pissed off at a fan who allegedly chucked a plastic drink cup at him onstage.

After that beverage was tossed, Luda cut the music and issued a warning that he would “come down there and whoop your motherf*cking ass!” He also stated that the person who tossed the drink would feel the consequences if he were to throw something else:

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Act A Foo: Ludacris threatening to whoop concertgoer’s “mother f***ing a**” for throwing a cup at him ___________________________________ by @Vavabooom . —————————————– . Oh No! The fights out. Ludacris was ‘bout to punch a haters f***kin’ light out. —————————————– . OOOOOH GIRRRLLLL… —————————————– . What began as a litty-too-titty showcase during the grand opening of Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Hotel & Casino over the weekend nearly ended in the “Southern Hospitality” spitter throwing his ‘bows at a concert heckler who threw a drink at him on stage. —————————————– . Per footage of the chaos, obtained by TheBlast, Luda was gearing up to perform classic track, “Throw Them Bows” when a member of the audience… [#Read Full #Story via #Link in #Bio and visit for more] . By @Vavabooom #EntertainmentNews #News #TEA #Celebs #Celebrity #Shade #Blog #HipHop . #Video #PressPlay #Rap #Rapper #Luda #Ludacris #Concert #Performance #ThrowThemBows #Threat #Fight #Beef #Fan #Fans #AtlanticCity

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