Man Beheads Colleague After Seeing His N13m Account Balance

A 29-year-old man identified as Abuchi Wisdom Nwachukwu has been reportedly murdered by his fellow co-worker after informing him about some huge amount of money his brother in South Africa sends to him every time.

His brother in South Africa became very anxious about his sudden disappearance and his inability to reach him on the phone. He wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed,Β to look into the matter of his brother’s disappearance.

The alleged killer Moses narrated how he was able to carry out such a deadly attack on his friend and he said:

β€œWhen Nwachukwu got a job in the factory, I was the person who taught him how to operate the machine, so we became very close friends.

β€œWhile we were working, Nwachukwu told me about his brother who lives in South Africa and how he has been sending money to build his house for him.

β€œHe showed me the alert for the N13 million his brother had just sent to him, saying that he would be travelling to his village to carry out the project. I felt jealous and I decided to steal the money.

β€œSince we were friends, I tricked him and collected his phone password. I went through it and found the PIN for his ATM card.

β€œFew days before the day he would be travelling, we worked on the same shift. I lured him outside the company, stabbed him with a knife and killed him.

β€œI dragged his body into the bush, and because I don’t want people to recognise him easily, I cut off his neck and buried it. Then I took his ATM card to some fraudsters. I gave it to one Yusuf and told him that I needed to hack the account.

β€œWe withdrew N2.2 million from the account. I had trouble with Yusuf because he and the people he brought in wanted to cheat me.

β€œI killed him on January 8, 2020 and travelled to Ore and Benin City. I stayed in several hotels and was carrying different women, but Nwachukwu’s spirit started disturbing me.

β€œWhenever I want to sleep, the boy’s spirit will appear to me and will be crying. The girls that were with me would run away, saying that I want to use them for money ritual.”

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