Do You Missed The Money Fight? Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Conor McGregor (Watch The Highlight)


After all the talk, all the build up, the intensely hyped cross-over match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor is finally over. The result wasn’t unexpected, but the ride to get there was.

After a pretty close and very competitive first few rounds, Mayweather picked things up and started connecting more. McGregor slowed and eventually it led to a standing stoppage at the 10th round.

Round 9 – McGregor seemed to hurt Mayweather early in round 9! But the ref stepped in and said it was low! Mayweather is smiing. That looked legal. Conor lands hard again on the restart! Mayweather fires back with three rights and he has stunned McGregor! Maywather all over him. McGregor is firing back. Jab from Conor. McGregor is fading. He can’t keep his hands up. Mayweather is landing hard! Jab and hard right! McGregor clinching to survive. Hard right and a combo. McGregor taking it. Two huge rights! 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 10 – McGregor clinches up right away. He’s landing short shots. Mayweather just covering up. Now he’s opening up. McGregor clinches again. Mayweather with two huge rights in the corner. Mayweather is all over him! McGregor is barely on his feet! Mayweather opened up with more punches AND THE REF STEPS IN! FLOYD MAYWEATHER HAS DEFEATED CONOR MCGREGOR!

Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by TKO, 1:05 of round 10.





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