Meet The Richest Youth in Nigeria

So many Nigerians are rich but few are wealthy, this two word wealthy and richest are of two different meaning. Mr Jowizaaza is currently the richest kid in Nigeria. He is so gentle and quite.

This country (Nigeria), is been blessed with wealthy personalities. Meet the young richest Nigeria who is still in the university but have made a lot of impact in Nigeria economy. Mr Jowizaaza is a youth the keeps hustling for his money not depending on his parent.

He is the son of an Oil Tycoon, Chief Sir Joseph Ezeokafor, the Founder of Jezco Oil and Vice Chairman of NIPCO PLC, which acquired Mobil Oil PLC.

Jowizaaza is the only son of his father, Chief Sir Joseph Ezeokafor.

Jowi is the Managing Director of his dad’s oil company, Jezco Oil.

Also, he has transformed and modernised the company since he occupied the position.

Furthermore, he has been commended for his work ethic.

However, he is an alumni of Madonna University.

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