Mp3mansion Review: Runtown Is Desirous On The ‘TRADITION EP’


Runtown Is Desirous On The ‘TRADITION EP

When Runtown announced this project two years ago, it was the moment his former management.
Eric Manny made the singer and Internationally-acclaimed superstar passed through legal turmoil.
One week or the other, Runtown booked court dates – a situation which left the man in a terrible
mental state and many critics predicted a downslide in his career after his management claimed he
owed two albums and debts.
It is a testament to years of waiting and viral songs and collaborations with Phyno, Sarkodie and Seyi
Shay in recent times that motivated his audience and fans. His faithful support to Pop Culture and
his boldness to keep a white Lion as pet has drawn numerous fans and on-lookers to his social media
pages – a powerful tool which has evolved in the music industry in the past few years.
The 29-year old has been prolific – her evolution is displayed in the pattern in which he blends Afro-
pop songs as a slow-tempo art both as a singer and beat maker. Recently it was reported that
Runtown would co-write with Rihanna on her next album and the man has been shuffling between
LA and Lagos. There could be a possibility in these rumours as the award-winning singer and fashion
curator confirmed that she was working on a reggae and dancehall album. Runtown has mastered
these two genres over time – so the reports are not far from the truth.
Runtown kicked off his body of work with the most beautiful keys to a slow-tempo and pop song
‘Redemption’, a mood which will go down to determine the attention he craves from listeners and
his audience Runtown vocalizes over drums, percussions and light and classic horns.
Sinister and clanky beats by Spellz on ‘Emotions’ amplified Runtown’s sound and his willingness to
engage in romantic melodies and it’s obvious that he does not fail in showing it if off in his songs.
Departing from the second song, Runtown ushered his listeners into ‘Tradition’ by augmenting the
tools in the first song and bragged about his moves and the rewards for his craft. Runtown’s delivery
didn’t match the instrumentals and the lyrical content. Regardless, it was an enticing record.
‘Goosebumps’ serves as a compliment in the only record that comes off a dancehall song with the
nature of the production and impressive tempo. Runtown’s buzzy vocals was a win for him on this
‘International badman killa’ erased the previous tempos enjoyed in the preceding songs and surges
the production tastes as an Afro-pop singer. His vocal prowess was vital at the end of a cloudy
On already heard ‘Unleash’, Runtown dashes into a scenario of indecisions in his love life. In the
same manner, it highlights his versatility to cross genres.


ALBUM: Runtown – Tradition


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