NEWS: Zlatan Caught Driving His Two Million Euro Ferrari Without Permission


It was a birthday present for himself. Ibra bought himself a Ferrari Monza SP2 worth two million euros last October. He took it out the garage to drive around Stockholm last October, but it will prove to be costly.

Ibra bought himself a nice car just over six months ago, but last March he unregistered it. He was only allowed to drive it to the nearest MOT place, but the Stockholm police caught him driving around the Swedish capital with it.

Bad news for Zlatan. His Ferrari Monza SP2, worth two million euros, will end up costing him a bit more money. He bought himself it in October, but he only had permission to drive it in March. The Swede, maybe because of the coronavirus pandemic, decided to unregister the vehicle. Why pay for a car when you cannot take it out of the garage?

But he decided to take it out of the garage after March. Several media outlets report that the Swedish star was stopped by police in Stockholm while he was driving his nice car. He was fined once it was checked he did not have a license to drive it.

He has been fined between 1200 and 2000 Swedish coronas (110 to 190 euros). A fine we think he should be able to pay.



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