“It Is Not Your Fault If Your Man Cheats” – Yemi Alade

It Is Not Your Fault If Your Man Cheats - Yemi Alade

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has advised ladies to stop thinking it’s their fault whenever their man cheats on them.

According to Yemi, some men are bound to cheat on their women no matter how good their women are, because it’s in their nature. She shared this on her Twitter page where she made this known. She wrote:

“But why is it so easy to assume its the woman’s fault when a man cheats but when a woman cheats she is a sl*t ? Don’t people realise that no matter how good you are, you might never be Completely enough for some people ,so they cheat. Its not your fault!”

Yemi Alade has also hinted on a new album which she says she’s working on. The Woman Of Steel has been releasing songs back to back and she has set a trend for herself in the Industry.

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