‘People Don’t Deserve My Song’ – Mr. Eazi Brags About Upcoming Singles


Mr. Eazi, has described his yet to be released singles as too hot for people to listen to, adding that his fans do not deserve his songs.

The singer, who was goofing around in a video in company with a female friend afforded a sneak peek into some of his new sounds which actually sounded pretty cool.

He said in the video, “People don’t deserve this song. They don’t deserve this song, this song is too fire for them. This song is too fire for you people, you guys, I’m not sure you deserve this song, I’m not sure.”

Despite the singer’s apparent talents, his attitude has become a source of worry to some of his Nigerian audience especially after he got many pissed recently when he tweeted that Nigerian sound was influenced by Ghanaian vibes, hurting his compatriot’s egos in the process.



  1. I don’t think he was trying to be
    rude but he was high when he
    said this still his just saying the
    song is going to be lit.


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