Phora Love Is Hell Album Download

Phora Love Is Hell Album Download – Phora’s candor always leaves an indelible mark on new listeners. Instead of placing band-aids on his wounds to remedy the pain, he valiantly embraces his blemishes like the intrepid soul that he is.

In 2016, he flashed signs of promise when he doled out his record β€œSinner.” The somber song finds Phora detailing his arduous battle with drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and more. β€œIt’s just really a whole pent-up aggression inside of me where I keep it bottled in. Eventually, at the end of the day after some time keeping that shit bottled in, I just snapped,” Phora reflects on his standout track.

While Phora’s melancholic records have helped him develop a strong fanbase, it’s also his positive outlook on love that keeps his fans enthralled. On his 2017 album Yours Truly Forever, Phora penciled rosy records such as β€œTo the Moon” and β€œForever,” which injected hope in hapless romantics. For his new project, Love Is Hell, out Friday, Phora plans to erase any doubts cast on him as a hip-hop mainstay with marquee features from 6LACK, G-Eazy, Tory Lanez and Trippie Redd.

β€œI see everyone as competition,” says Phora. β€œHomies, friends, everyone. When I’m in the studio with you, it’s a confidence boost. It pushes me to be better than what I’m doing.”

The West Coast star spoke with Billboard about his forthcoming album Love Is Hell, his relationship with God, his favorite β€œSinner” record, Tupac’s music being therapeutic and his tireless pursuit of happiness.

Download and enjoy the full album below.

1: DOWNLOAD Phora – Love Is Hell (feat. Trippie Redd)

2: DOWNLOAD Phora – Buss It Down

3: DOWNLOAD Phora – Done Playing Nice

4: DOWNLOAD Phora – For You (feat. Tory Lanez & G-Eazy)

5: DOWNLOAD Phora – Love Me Like

6: DOWNLOAD Phora – Stuck In My Ways (feat. 6LACK)

7: DOWNLOAD Phora – Sinner Pt. 3 (feat. Vicktor Taiwo)

8: DOWNLOAD Phora – Romeo (feat. Brandon Vlad)

9: DOWNLOAD Phora – No Scope

10: DOWNLOAD Phora – Direction

11: DOWNLOAD Phora – Space (feat. Breana Marin)

12: DOWNLOAD Phora – Her

13: DOWNLOAD Phora – Feel

14: DOWNLOAD Phora – Back Then

15: DOWNLOAD Phora – Til Infinity


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