R. Kelly Is Now Facing More Sexual Charges in Minnesota


If you thought R. Kelly was ready to evade charges against him any time soon, the opposite seems to be true because they keep piling up on him.

This time, it’s in a new state and both charges are felonies.

Minnesota authorities have now charged The Pied Piper today with two charges which include solicitation involving a girl under 18 and prostitution. Both stem from an incident that occurred in 2001 after a concert that was not his own.

According to the girl, she was trying to get an autograph from Kellz, and he gave her his signature and phone number. Later that day, she called the number and was invited to his hotel room where she was offered $200 to dance and strip. Apparently, Kelly proceeded to take off his clothes and dance with her

Though Robert’s lawyer denies all charges, it’s just another hurdle and and headache for the veteran singer, after the plethora of counts against him in multiple states.

Currently, he’s in a New York prison in solitary confinement awaiting to be transferred back to Chicago after being denied bail in a separate case. Among the charges, child pornography, obstruction of justice, federal sex trafficking and more. He also has a case pending in Georgia.



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