See The Weird Reasons Why Davido And Burna Boy Were Once Accused Of Killing People Close To Them

Davido and Burna boy were once under a lot of pressure from the media as they were both accused of killing people close to them. They were able to successfully beat the charges to be called free men again.

Davido was accused of masterminding the mysterious death of his friend Tagbo Umeike.

Davido became a suspect after rumors started circulating that he was involved in Mr. Umeike’s death when Tagbo’s girlfriend and actress, Caroline Danjuma, accused Davido of not being truthful about what transpired the night of Mr. Umeike’s death.

Davido was called to the police station for questioning and he released CCTV footage of the night Tagbo died.

He was later cleared of any wrongdoing as the police did not suspect any foul play involved.

He took to Snapchat to write:Β β€œThank you Jesus” and replied,Β β€œpersons that said false things about me or accused me of what I don’t know.”

Burna Boy on the other hand was accused of stabbing someone to death with his gang and was arrested by London Police and jailed. He was put in jail for 11 months. He has however been banned from the UK for 15 years.

Burna Boy himself has refuted those claims and has said that he did not kill anyone.

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