Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, best known as Seyi Shay, is talking about her childhood and so much more that has contributed to making her who she is today.

The singer most importantly, shared her mother’s last message to her before she passed away but it’s hardly what you would expect from a Nigerian mum.

Seyi shared this during a recent interview with Showtime Celebrity.

The β€œYolo Yolo” singer who has made her mark in the Nigerian Music industry expressed sadness that her mother is not alive to witness her success.

When asked how she felt about that, Seyi said, β€œI just wish she could see everything I’m doing now and see that I haven’t given up despite the setbacks.

β€œI believe she will be proud of me.”

When asked if she would have been put under any pressure to be married if her mother were still alive, she responded, saying, β€œYes, that’s true but then she didn’t put too much pressure on me for that. She told me before she died to make sure I’ve done everything I want to do before I get married and not to allow any man to shatter my dream.”

Profound for a Nigerian mother right?

However, now we know why the singer could hardly be bothered with getting married at this point in time.

Seyi Shay is no Feminist.

Seyi Shay might be particular about being successful in her field especially because she is a woman but she wants you to know that it does not make her a feminist.

In an interview with TheCable Lifestyle, Seyi talked about feminism, charity and more.

When asked if she’s an advocate of female empowerment, the β€˜Murda’ singer said, β€œI’m not a feminist, I just believe in the principles of human rights so I fight for it”.

Seyi who is championing a cause and actively works alongside United Nations women and girl-child empowerment campaign explained her passion.

β€œA friend in South Africa who was sourcing for the project was interested in what I was doing with my own charity- β€˜A Ray of Hope’, that focuses on less privileged children, women and the β€˜girl child’, and decided that I would be the best candidate to represent Nigeria for this global campaign.”

β€œI plan to continue to lend my voice and my platform to similar causes. Most importantly I want to set a great example for all young girls out there.”

In a celebrity life filled with meetings, events, travelling back and forth from place to place, Seyi says she would be fulfilled if she had her own family.

According to her, β€œTouching the lives of people all over the world with my music, giving hope and inspiration to my generation, living for humanity and having my own family.”

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