Why am I still keeping my Virginity? Actress Amarachi asked

Actress Amarachi is one of the actresses that is making waves in the Nollywood industry, she is a good actress and plays any role given to her well.

Recently she made a post on her Instagram asking why she was still keeping her virginity.

She said this when she posted three pictures of her and in the caption, she said the rain was

making to have different thoughts.

In her words β€œThis weather be making daughter of Zion to have different thoughts.

Like why exactly am I still keeping this my virginity? Why?

Dear God can you stop the rain or send my knight in shining armor.”

She said she wanted to start making babies.

Her fans reacted to her words, a lady told her to keep her virginity because she is keeping hers.

Others also commented.

In our world today, where civilization and technology have given people quick access to information, it is most times rare to find someone who is as old as this actress saying she us a virgin.

It is really applaudable that she chooses to keep herself and retain her virginity.

God, please send her Knight in shining armor.

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