Stop! Stop! Hot talk…Will Pepsi drop price?


Stop! Stop! Hot talk…Will Pepsi drop price?

So if you’ve not been following Tekno @Alhajitekno and @Pepsi_Naija on Twitter recently, let me be the first to tell you have been dullin’

Yesterday, Pepsi on twitter responded to a Tweet from Tekno where a fan appealed to Pepsi to drop the price of their 50cl plastic bottle to N100. See mind o! These hard times wey eye dey red.

This is how it went down…


Tekno asks for ideas that would touch hundreds of Nigerians with N2M

Trust Twitter na, different tweets. Then this guy asks Tekno to appeal to pepsi as their ambassador to drop price of the 50 cl plastic bottle to N100 as it would touch not just hundreds but millions of Nigerians.


Tekno quickly passes it over to @pepsi_naija, no time lool, I mean it’s totally out of his control

In an interesting turn of events, about 24hours later @Pepsi_naija responds.


And this last tweet from @pepsi_Naija’s twitter handle, Ladies and gentlemen has had Twitter buzzing with questions and memes like ‘does this mean Pepsi is dropping its price? abi na typo? I mean, No shaking carry go must be something positive right? Like they are telling us not to stress, make we just carry go. I hope it’s true though, times are tough mehn and this will definitely put smiles on the faces of my Naija peeps! *Fingers crossed*

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