I Took Your Love For Granted, Please Forgive Me – Iceberg Slim Begs Juliet Ibrahim


After one year of their breakup, popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, took to his Instagram page to issue a public apology to her, saying he has failed the “screen goddess”.

After accusing her of being a toxic person, Iceberg Slim in his apology revealed his wrongdoings and asked that the actress forgive him for all he did to her

“Dear @Juliet Ibrahim thank you for everything. You loved me unconditionally, even at my lowest points and only wanted loyalty and honesty in return.

Unfortunately, I have failed you with everyone else that has seen our relationship and wished us well. Despite the pain and heartache, I have caused you, you still found a way to rise and smile again. I lied, I cheated, I took your love for granted and in turn brought ridicule and shame to you.


From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Why now? You may ask. In life sometimes you have to reveal in order to heal, and as I have revealed the true reason for our break up healing comes next. As we continue on our separate paths I pray for God’s guidance” he wrote.

Although it seems the apology came from a good place, Ibrahim during a recent interview with Accra FM stated that she felt it was coming a bit late but she appreciates that he has spoken up to clear the air. “I feel like it’s coming too late but I appreciate the fact that he’s apologizing and clearing the air.

I remember when it started, everybody was attacking me. I have no idea why people always choose to attack the woman when a breakup happens, but that was life. I went through it and I was strong enough to ignore all the negative comments and remarks made at me.

I know he’s a good person. I just pray doing this helps the healing he talked about. I’ve forgiven him a long time ago,” she said.


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