Video: Harrysong apologises to Kcee and Five Star Music


Seems all is well now and Harrysong is back to Five Star Music.


Following a week of arrests, re-arrests and social media insults, Harrysong has now publicly apologised to Kcee and Five Star Music.


In a new video shared on Instagram, Harrysong says, ‘I want to say I’m sorry Kcee, I’m sorry to Five Star Music for all the statements I said in anger, I’m sorry. I miss my family, you don’t expect me to be fighting with my family forever. Kcee and E-Money I love you so much. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back to my family’.



  1. This is what he should have done in the first place instead of escalating the whole by am glad he has finally apologise its now left Kcee and 5 star to do their and accept his apology. Am glad the crisis is finally over


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