[Video] See What A Man Was Caught Doing Behind A Woman While Dancing At Christmas Party


A man has been caught on camera dancing in a really hilarious yet provocative manner during a Christmas party.

This is the moment a man was caught dancing in a way that has gotten people talking on social media.

The man was caught on camera swinging his waist and bounding it on a woman’s behind as he danced at her back. There were lots of other people at the event who were also doing their own dancing.

The event reportedly took place at a Christmas party organised for people who wanted to catch some fun and join in the celebration of Yuletide.

In the video, everyone is wearing white clothes and having a nice time dancing with their partners. However, the one person who stood out was the man who was bouncing his waist against his partner’s behind.

Many social media users have labeled the man a ‘perv‘ with an insatiable lust.

However, other more liberal users claim the man has done nothing wrong as he is just having a fun-filled moment with his partner.

Watch the video below:-



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