Five Star Changes Artiste Manager… See Soso’s Reaction


Five Star Changes Artiste Manager… See Soso’s Reaction

This news was released by Five Star boss, KCee, on Instagram where he informed fans and clients that as the label continues to grow, the label sees it important to appoint a new manager to improve their strategy and client relations. With this said, the Label has appointed Mr. Dike Chidozie as the new artiste manager for Five Star record label.

What truly went down or if the former manager, Soso has been fired was not stated, but analyzing the event with Instagram you would realize that during the period of the announcement of a new manager, Soso posted this photo of him walking away with no comment, and later posted another photo of himself having fun in a luxurious resort.

If this means anything, I’ll say it is Soso’s way of saying “I’m leaving with no comment and having fun of my life afterwards!”… he didn’t say that anyway, but until Five Star tells us what went down, we still won’t know if Soso is there and at the same time the boss of WhiteLion (The new description on his Instagram bio), or if he has walked away/fired for good to start his own.

We will wait for Time to tell so we can tell you.


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