Yung6ix Calls Out Bankulli For Charging Artists To See Kanye West (Watch Video)


Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix took to Instagram to call out Grammy Nominee Music producer and songwriter, Bankuli for charging artists to meet Kanye West.

Though it is uncertain what started the drama, Yung6ix in a video said that it is disappointing to see people from the Old Generation try to steal from the new generation.

He said that when a respected member from the old generation tries to take credit for what the New generation invented, the person is a thief.

He also bragged about how people from the new generation have more money than the old generation.

He then told Bankulli to respect himself and stop charging people to meet Kanye West.

He captioned the video with;

Bankuli respect yourself. Stop stealing from us and charging talents to meet Kanye west. We know the story.

Watch the video below:-


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